Branching Out

The February topic from Generations Cafe is BRANCHING OUT. My Family Tree on Ancestry is fairly extensive in direct lines from my parents to several generations of grandparents .(You can see my tree here:}. I have not spent a lot of time entering info on my many cousins or siblings of grandparents. Lots of work still to be done.

Then today, Valentines Day, I received an email from FAMILY SEARCH showing 16 pages of marriage information for my many grandparents. Wow! Do I have all this info on my Ancestry Tree? More work to be done.

I would also like to extend the German branch of my family which hits a brick wall where Great grandma Amelia comes to America. How do I find information from Germany? Maybe if I conduct more research on her children I will find a breakthrough. More work to be done.

Branching Out. Feb. 2022 sketch by Joan Weise

My intent for this year is to balance my artistic life of sketching and painting with my genealogy research and blog writing. I need both sides of my brain working!

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