In the spring of 2013 we had 3 large pots of geraniums growing on our motorhome patio in Hemet, CA. We had a month long trip in June planned so my Jim set up a drip irrigation system for the flowers. This was a struggle for him due to his chemo treatments. I considered it a pure labor of love because he knew how much I enjoyed the beauty. Little did we know what would happen. He didn’t return to Hemet. My daughter, Renee, rescued the plants and lovingly nurtured them for me so that today I have these beautiful momentos of love. We call them Jimraniums.


In January, when the little great grandkids were here, Ezzie Mae decided to pick all the blooms and scatter the petals like a flower girl. I thought what the heck…she’s lovingly pruning the plants. Three months later the Jimraniums are in full bloom again. Nine years of flower power love!

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