Back in the 60s I was a bridge wimp. A bridge over a large expanse of water was the worst. I’ve written about the time we did NOT cross the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan. I probably had a panic attack but I didn’t know then what to call it. We were going to drive the bridge in our 1959 Plymouth hardtop, just so we could say we had done it. It is such a landmark! But I refused. Thankfully, Jim was sympathetic and comforted me.

Over the years, maybe after flying a few times, it became easier to drive a bridge over water. I’ve always been fascinated by bridge construction – the complexity, the gracefulness, and the fact that they WORK. Here are a few of my favorite bridges.

Joan at Mackinac Bridge-as close as I got!
Bixby Bridge on Highway 1 near Carmel, CA and Rocky Point Restaurant

Golden Gate Bridge from the Sausalito, CA side – always chilly!

Beautiful, graceful Lilac Road bridge on Interstate 15 near Escondido, CA
A floating bridge on I-10 in Alabama under construction after a hurricane – a bit scary
New York skyline and Brooklyn Bridge – cities are NOT my jam1

San Antonio RiverWalk, San Antonio, TX – A special memory
In Mason Regional Park, Irvine, CA – a bike ride rest stop for Jim and me where we did a lot of dreaming.

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