The American Foundation

The largest ancestral Foundation in my heritage is what I call the American Foundation which stems from the ancestors born in England and Scotland many generations ago. Except for Amelia Juhrend (Grandma Great) and Carl Quist (Grandpa) all other lines originate in England or Scotland, at least those I’ve been able to research to the point of emigration to the New World.

Great Aunt Carrie & Uncle Sydney McDearmid in Newbury Port, MA in 1961

My 4th great grandfather, Duncan McDearmid, and my 5th great grandfather, Charles Kirk, were born in Scotland. Documentation shows that many of the remaining lines came from England and lived in America for 5 or more generations. I will be surprised if I find ancestors from any other countries!

The people who emigrated from England and Scotland had similar cultures and came to the New World for similar reasons – lack of economic opportunity and religious freedom, and inability to own property. While they represented a variety of religions and skills the New World presented the same problem to all – survive.

From all my research so far I think that the culture of my American ancestors is one of hard workers, farmers, factory workers, retail sales and pastors. They raised large families because surviving was hard work and many hands were needed. They were community minded and were often leading members and founders of communities. They fought in the Revolution and the Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2 and Korea. They owned homes and could read and write. They married till death parted them and often lived long lives.

Mostly my American Foundation lived in New Hampshire/ Massachusetts and the Midwest. Recently I found ancestors born in South Carolina and in Virginia…but they ended up in the Midwest. I have not found any major criminals yet, thankfully.

Overall I come from long lines of good, hard-working, family oriented, middle-class, literate, proud Americans.

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