Week 50: Lines

Although “lines” has many definitions the only one that keeps coming to my mind is the ancestral lines I’ve been researching. For this post I’m going to look at my ancestry tree and record how far back in time each “line” goes. Let’s see how this works!

Paternal lines:

  • John Sawyer, 9th great-grandfather, born in 1582 in Gainsborough, England
  • Agnes Sharpe Brown, 9th great-grandmother, born 1580s in Leverton, England
  • Duncan McDearmid, 4th great-grandfather, born 1719 in Scotland
  • Elizabeth McClellan, 4th great-grandmother born in Scotland
  • Ann Bittisfield Titcomb, 7th great-grandmother, born 1666 in Newbury, MA
  • Sarah Moody, 6th great-grandmother, born 1695 in Newbury, MA
  • William Baker, 8th great-grandfather, born 1629 in Waterton, MA
  • Mary Eddington, 8th great-grandfather, born 1633 in Scituate, MA
  • Elizabeth Heard, 6th great-grandmother, born 1691 in Salisbury, MA
  • John True, 6th great-grandfather, born 1678 in Salisbury, MA
  • Nicholas Smith, 5th great-grandfather, born 1722 in Bentwood, NH
  • Sarah Bean, 5th great-grandmother, born 1729 in Exeter, NH
  • Sarah Huse, 4th great-grandmother, born 1753 in Brentwood, NH
  • John D. Kirk, 3rd great-grandmother, born 1789 in Mason, NH
  • Dorothy Ramsdell, 3rd great-grandmother, born 1787 in Acton, MA
  • Henry Juhrend, great-grandfather, born 1855 in Germany
  • Amelia Phelps, great-grandmother, born 1865 in Germany

Maternal lines:

  • Gustav E. Qvist, great-grandfather, born 1866 in Sweden
  • Erik Sellin, 4th great-grandfather, born 1732 in Sweden
  • Elisabet Thelaus, 4th great-grandmother, born 1733 in Sweden
  • Lisa Olsdoter, 2nd great-grandmother, born 1822 in Laxarby, Sweden
  • Malachi Lane, 3rd great-grandfather, born 1806 in Franklin, Ohio
  • Elizabeth Ryun, 3rd great-grandfather, born 1808 in Madison, Ohio
  • Mary Ingram, 3rd great-grandmother, born 1828 in Franklin, Ohio
  • Moses Coleman, 3rd great-grandfather, born 1820 in Canton, Illinois
  • Rachel Stahl, 4th great-grandmother, born 1795
  • Thomas Cox, 5th great-grandfather, born in 1775 in Cane Creek, North Carolina
  • Rachel Carr, 5th great-grandmother, born in 1771 in Cane Creek, North Carolina
  • Thomas McMillan, 5th great-grandfather, born in 1763 in York, Pennsylvania
  • Jane Jones, 5th great-grandmother, born 1775 in York, Pennsylvania
  • Anthony Baker, 7th great-grandfather, born 1674 in Peterborough, England
  • Mary Loveall, 5th great-grandmother, born 1720 in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Vianna Stevens, 4th great-grandmother, born 1758 in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Charles Clark, 5th great-grandfather, born 1754 in Pennsylvania
  • Sarah Sharbondy, 5th great-grandmother, born 1756 in Kentucky
  • Nancy Martin, 4th great-grandmother, born 1790 in Somerset, Pennsylvania
  • John Mullens, 4th great-grandfather, born 1780 in Virginia
  • Catherine Starnes, 3rd great-grandmother, born 1808 in Adams, Indiana

I’m sure that reading this is way more boring than it was to me as I researched. I looked at the last in line as the family tree stretched out. I discovered lots of potential research still to be done and I got a much greater understanding of the geographical expanse of my family tree. Wow! Great exercise!

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