Week 43: Shock

My sister, Bobbi

It’s a shock when you stick a butter knife in an electrical socket and you get “zibbered”! My little sister did that when she was about four. What happened, Bobbi?! It zibbered me, she replied. She’s the same kid who, along with her cousin Karen, knocked on the beehives in the backyard to see if the bees were home. They were! …and the kids were shocked!

You know the feeling. Your body has a physical reaction, a jolt. Your heart beats faster. Your brain gets fuzzy and your mouth gets dry. You might hold your breath, scream, collapse. A shock interrupts your daily routine, it doesn’t fit with your reality. Now there’s a new reality.

It’s a shock when…

  • your auntie awakes you in the middle of the night to tell you that your Dad just died
  • your boss tells you that you will now report to one of your staff members and your job will end in a month
  • your doctor says…hmmm, there’s a lump here we need to investigate
  • your hubby tells you he has a good job offer 2000 miles away
  • you get a phone call that a loved one has been in a car accident

You know what I mean. It’s that OMG moment when life changes, what was is no longer. And then we adjust, over time, to the new reality.

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