Well, This is New

Recently I’ve been writing my blog on Google’s Blogger and my topics have been prompted by a challenge word on Generations Cafe: 52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors. With the encouragement and assistance from my daughter, Laura, and granddaughter, Mary, I decided to move my blog over to WordPress. This is my first entry/test on the new platform. I think I’ll have a bit of a learning curve 🙂

Me and My Kids

Fifteen years ago I was writing my blog, JoanOnTheRoad.com on WordPress. But that journey ended. Now, what to write about? Memories and musings seems to cover a wide variety of topics! Half-way through the year I’ve written 25 posts based on my Ancestry research, the prompt word from Generations Cafe and my memories of family events.

I hope my family and friends enjoy my Memories and Musings.

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