Great Grandpa McDearmid

Today I got  hooked on researching my great Grandfather James Gardner McDearmid who fought for the Union in the Civil War. He was born in 1839 in Woodstock NH …Live Free or Die…so of course he was on the Union side. He lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for most of his life but somewhere along the line he moved to Chicago. (more research) 

When he was 21 he enlisted and served in the heavy artillery unit of the Mass. Soldiers. He was wounded and in ill health but reenlisted and fought at Yorktown VA. He was mustered out in 1865. 

He married in 1866 and had seven children with Mary Abbie Brown. He lived to be 75 and died in Chicago. I imagine he moved there with one of his children. (more research)

It is so mesmerizing to find pictures of actual records like the one I found of his stay in the wounded soldiers home detailing his service and injuries. Thank you to all who scan these records!! Wish I could find a picture of you Grandpa James.

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