Brick Wall

This week the Generations Cafe 52 week challenge was BRICK WALL. Well I have so many brick walls in my ancestry search that I didn’t know what to write about. Then Serendipity happened. I received a message on Ancestry from a distant cousin, Douglas, on my Dad’s side wondering how I was related to his family, the Juhrends…one of my Brick Walls. Turns out Douglas and I are connected through my Great Grandma Amelia Juhrend, his Great-great Grandma. Amelia came from Germany in 1882 and I have not been able to uncover anything before her arrival in America. I run into this Brick Wall when someone comes from Germany. I have the same problem on my husbands paternal line. 

Douglas thanked me for the pictures I shared and as I looked at the pictures from Amelia’s 80th birthday I realized that I had a crack in the wall. Amelia had 10 children with 2 husbands. I have the names of all the children but I’ve never researched each of them although I actually knew most of them as my older aunts and uncles when I was about 10. I think I might have found a hole in the wall!

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