Unusual Source

Generations Cafe Week 7: Unusual Source

My interest in Genealogy probably started with my Mom’s desire to keep track of her many siblings and their offspring. She was one of twelve and between them there were 28 cousins who had 46 babies. Mom religiously kept an ongoing record of births and deaths in the family.

When my first grandchild was born I realized the value of knowing family history and the desire to pass on this knowledge to the next generations. Computer programs for keeping family records were becoming popular so I started using Family Tree Maker. But I have not been a consistent historian. Every couple of years I get the urge to focus on family history and get lost in the process. I typically look at census and vital records. So, to me, any other source is unusual!

Harry & Anne

This morning I decided to try different sources than the ones found on the Leaf Hints on Ancestry. Newspapers.com is offering free access so I logged in and typed in my Mom’s name. Anne Nehls. One of the first entries to pop up was her name in my stepdads obituary from 2016. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at his friendly, loving face and read through his obituary in the Chicago Tribune. 

I was Harry’s caregiver for a couple of years after my Mom passed away and until he died.  I made the funeral arrangements but I sure don’t remember writing this!  Then I looked on my computer and there it is…a file from 5 years ago memorializing a special guy. 

Lesson Learned from this week’s challenge: Break the habit of just opening each new Leaf Hint on Ancestry and look at other sources. Newspapers, Military Records, Graveyards…where else will this 52 week challenge take me?! Thank you Amy!

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